If you've tried every single success program, system or tool --
And you're still struggling to create wealth, love and abundance in your life...


Why "Success-Driven" People Are Subconsciously Addicted To Failure...
And Never Get What They Really Want


Strange And Surprising, (But True!):

The Harder You Try To Succeed -- Investing In "Self-Help" Books, Programs And Courses... The More Likely You're Going To Keep Failing!


What's The Big Secret? Unfortunately, Right Now, You Have "Failure Programming" Rooted At A Deep, Cellular Level. You Must Get Rid Of It First, Before You Can Get What You Want.


Read This Webpage RIGHT NOW To Discover...

  • How You Were Biologically Programmed To Fail From A Young Age...

  • The Most Effective (And Safest) Way To Target And Destroy Your "Failure Programming"...

  • And The One "Button" You Must Push To Instantly, Suddenly Start Succeeding In Anything And Everything You Truly Want!

From: Dr. Alex Loyd, PhD. N.D.
Re: You Know What To Do, But You Don't Do It...

Dear Friend,

Some days you just want to shut the door behind you, lock yourself away and scream in frustration.

Despite trying every single "success-training" program, seminar, system, strategy or tool out there... buying everything in sight...

You're still nowhere close to where you want to be.

You're still struggling... and feel far from a life of abundance, love, peace, mission, passion, wealth, family, health...

It seems like almost everything is eluding you.

Well -- I'm here to tell you something. There's good news and there's bad news.

The Bad News Is... You've Been Biologically
Programmed To Fail From Childhood

From the earliest experiences dealing with parents, teachers, preachers and others... to the pangs of anxiety as young adulthood set in... the chaotic times as a teenager...

Thoughts, beliefs and limits were settling deep into the very fiber of who you are.

If you don't believe me...

Take a moment to review the following list of negative thoughts... and tell me which ones you're currently experiencing, right now, in your life....

Whether it's in career, business, wealth, relationships, parenthood, love, health or soul...

I will bet you there are many, if not several. I will also tell you that these were not there originally, when you were born into this world.

Here's the list:

  • "I'm not good enough"

  • "I don't deserve love"

  • "I am unforgiveable"

  • "People are out to get me"

  • "Life is unfair"

  • "I must prove myself"

  • "I must control everything"

  • "I'm damaged goods"

  • "I'm worthless"

Yes, it's quite the list -- I'm sure you saw yourself in some of those statements -- and unfortunately, it is this very programming that prevents you from success.

Now Here's The Most
Important Thing You Must
Understand About This...

No amount of positive affirmation, visualization and law of attraction can cancel out this programming.

All the strategies, blueprints, tactics and action items cannot, will not and won't rid you of these self-limiting beliefs.

You can read every book ever printed on success, study the biographies of great men and women in history, and keep practicing at "fixing" your problem... and it won't matter.


Because scientifically speaking -- these "unconscious memories" are...

Trapped Inside You At A Cellular Level!

And I don't mean that metaphorically. I'm being literal and factually scientific about this!

You see...

In September of 2004, a landmark study was released by the Southwestern Medical Center in Texas. It was printed in the Dallas Morning News and reprinted in papers all over the country.

Throughout the natural world...

Scientists are finding, cells and organisms record their experiences, all without the benefit of the brain. Scientists believe these cellular memories might mean the key difference between a healthy life, rich with success... and failure, or even death!

So if your body is working against you with a set of "failure mechanisms" at a biological level...

And if you keep pushing for success, ignoring these negative beliefs, barriers and limits... one of two things (or both) will happen.

(It may even be happening in your life right now)...

One -- you will run in circles your entire life.

  • You'll keep running into the same wall over and over again.

  • You'll fail at the same things time and time again, never the wiser.

  • You'll admit in self-defeat that you're "simply no good" at this area in your life and give up.

Secondly -- you will chase after "knee-jerk reaction" dreams.

It may be making a lot of money, pleasing someone, charity work, incredible success at a skill...

You may even have huge success in one of these areas... a healthy business, a wealth of friends, a physical body to die for...

But unfortunately, it's not what you really want...

And Deep Down Inside...
rue Happiness Eludes You

When you pursue these "knee-jerk reaction" dreams... you don't truly succeed at what you really want in life. And you will surround yourself with trophies of your "false success."

(Chances are, if this is you, you have asked yourself, "Is this it?")

Here's a simple test: Simply ask yourself what you've gotten good at the past few years... simply to make money, pay bills and put food at the table.

And you may even realize you've hunted this goal as a way to dull the pain of failing at something else. A way to cope. A way to distract yourself.

All this time -- you really wanted something else. You may know what that is. But more likely than not -- you have no idea what it is.

Now here's the good news...

You Can Zone In And Destroy
These "Negative Cellular Memories"
And Discover The Life You Really Want,
Your True Purpose -- Your Calling...

What I'm about to show you will transform how you approach success.

Thousands of people have used this methodology to seek out and eliminate the root-cause of self-sabotage, the number one reason why people fail at achieving their goals.

It has also helped them look deep within them and found their personal definition of "true success".

And this concept of sourcing and "revising" our cellular memories have been scientifically proven.

  • Dr. Bruce Lipton, a Stanford biologist, studied these "negative beliefs"... (what we call spiritual heart issues) and has proven that over 90% of what affects our thoughts, feelings and actions is "unconscious memories stored in our bodies"...

  • The University of Texas Southern Medical Center at Dallas says, "Our best hope for healing incurable illness and disease in the future might very well lie in finding a way to heal destructive cellular memories."

  • Dr. Ben Johnson, saw firsthand research that proves the effectiveness of "erasing" your bad cellular memories... (in other words, removing your "failure blueprint")...  And he said these results are unprecedented in the history of medicine.

Hi, I'm Dr. Alex Loyd, Ph D. and N.D.

You may recognize me from TV where I was featured live on ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, TBN and FOX news programs. Or read about me in People, Time and USA Today... where I was introduced as a doctor who is an expert in healing the underlying root causes of success and failure.

Since 2001, I have helped thousands of people like you. People who have a strong desire to succeed in life, to find their passion and achieve more than they ever hope to in their wildest dreams...

But they are "stuck". Despite trying all the success-training available, they are still running in circles, not getting what they truly want out of life.

And it is in working with people at my private practice that I discovered this clear and unvarnished truth -- that no amount of willpower can help you succeed until you rid yourself of your negative cellular memories.

That's when I started developing my three-part system for true success.

1. First, I give you a "map" to seek out your failure mechanisms -- where your deep-rooted cellular memories hide.

2. Then, I give you the "key" to unlocking these failure mechanisms -- so you can dislodge, remove and destroy them.

3. Finally, I help you discover your true passions. What you really want out of life. Ambitions that would make you truly happy, content and satisfied... once you've accomplished them.

I put this body of knowledge, expertise and experience into a 12-day system of easy-to-follow methods called...

The Success Codes

The Scientifically Proven Transformational System
To Eliminating Limits, Barriers & Negative Beliefs
-- So You Have Unlimited Success In Your Life!

What are The Success Codes exactly?

Simply put, it is a series of "energy exercises" that have been scientifically proven to actually change the very biological makeup of your body!

It takes less than six to eight minutes to do, and you need only do them once or twice a day.

Now before I go on...

These exercises are one part physical, one part emotional, one part mental. But it doesn't require any equipment of any sort.


It's important you understand that this isn't Tapping nor Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).

However -- it is a form of "energy healing" that goes to the root cause of your failure mechanism (the negative cellular memories) and eliminates them from your body.

It's important you know that energy healing is gaining popular acceptance and gradually becoming mainstream.

In fact, Dr. Mehmet Oz (of "The Dr. Oz Show" on Oprah Winfrey's Network) in his #1 New York Times bestseller "You" says...

Energy medicine is a legitimate and effective healing modality, and the next big frontier in medicine!

Here's Further Scientific Proof...

There is a gold-standard medical test for measuring stress called "Heart Rate Variability". It's been a staple in mainstream medicine for thirty years and it does not respond to even 1% placebo. (You simply cannot trick this test).

For a year and a half after I discovered The Success Codes and all the methodologies... I tested it with Heart Rate Variability with people in all walks of life, including patients and my own clinic.

What I discovered was astounding. With one Success Code exercise, (which took about ten minutes to do)... people went from being in physiological stress to not.

I brought these results to Dr. Ben Johnson, who was featured in "The Secret". He said this speed of change was unprecedented in the history of medicine.

In fact, every medical doctor with experience in this field who was shown the results of these tests either thought that the equipment was malfunctioning or that such a change simply couldn't happen.

But it did!

And I'd like to invite you to experience the same for yourself. To apply the Success Codes to your life... to seek out and destroy the "failure mechanisms"... remove all negative cellular memories... and discover your own true goal and passion.

How can The Success Codes help?

Here Are Just A Few Ways
The Success Codes Can Transform
Your Life Literally Overnight...

  • Literally "turn off" failures - Discover the unseen and non-physical source of almost all your failures (past, present and future)... and flip the switch to turn it off!

  • Crack open the "status quo shell" and do more than you ever thought possible - What's holding you back are cellular memories which draw "boundaries" on what you can or cannot do... find them, erase them, and break on through!

  • Stop and prevent "repeated failures" - Studies have shown failure dumbs you down. Yes, it actually lowers your IQ levels. Your body reacts in over ten ways in failure. Here's how to break the "repeated failure" syndrome.

  • Is there a "success hormone"? - There are two in fact. Scientists and doctors have not figured out how to create a drug, pill or stimulant for them yet... but I know how to urge your body to naturally produce it!

  • Avoid the "booby trap prize" - If your goals are motivated by these three motivations... you are guaranteed to never find ever lasting joy and success. I'm not saying there won't be a thrill in winning the first time... but this kind of "empty success" will dull over time.

  • Why do hard-working people with well-defined goals and good intentions fail? We have the answer to this lifelong question... and the answer may surprise you!

  • A simple "muscle test" that will reveal your "true goal" to you -- Many "successful" people spend their entire lives pursuing a dream someone else gave them and end up in misery, surrounded by trophies they don't care for. Here is a method to discover what your "calling" in life is...

  • The "photographic memory" method of removing blocks - Imagine going through the files in your memory back as if you had a photographic memory... and hunting down the source of your "failure triggers", then destroying them one by one. That's what this tool does.

That's not all. You'll also discover...

  • The fastest way to stop all the bitterness, resentment and hatred you have in your life right now...

  • Effortlessly train your mind, body and soul to choose healthy decisions unconsciously. And I don't just mean diet and exercise. I also mean your career, relationships and money...

  • The nine "blocks to success" you must zero in on and fully eliminate from your cellular memory. I'll show you exactly how to do this.

  • How to fill your life with a flood of love, joy and peace in just minutes a day... and remove all limiting beliefs from your "memory bank".

  • Remove unnecessary, unproductive and damaging stress from your life for good.

As you can see, the Success Codes is designed to clear you up of all limits, negative beliefs, barriers, blocks, boundaries and whatever failure mechanisms you may have.

It is only when you do this can you start putting in your "True Love" passions, goals and dreams... and get them with success!

So let me tell you quickly about what's inside The Success Codes program...

Here's Exactly What You'll Get
In The Success Codes Program...

Inside The Success Codes Program, you'll get...

  • The Success Codes Digital Manual (Value $199) - The step-by-step, easy-to-follow guide showing you the 12-step process of sourcing, identifying, removing and destroying your negative cellular memories...
    So you can be free to pursue the goals you really want in life -- the passions that call to you.

  • The Success Codes Digital Journal (Value $79) - A quick and simple way to help you keep track of your progress as you remove negative beliefs, limits and barriers one by one... and transform your life from the inside out.

  • The Portable Success Codes  (Value $39) - A handy reminder for you to carry around with you -- so you can put the power of the Success Codes to work wherever you are, in whatever stressful situation you're in.

  • Internet Access to The Success Code Quick Start Video (Value $35) - If you'd like to jump into the methods in the Success Codes as fast as humanely possible... this video will give you a mini "crash-course". With video... you'll also be able to see me demonstrate the success codes right before your eyes, instead of following diagrams in a manual.

(Total Value of the package $317)

But Wait...

If you order today I want to give you something extra special. It's access to some of the best resources for "jump starting" your new journey to success!

Recently we launched a completely new program called, Success NOW!. As part of that program I invited some of the best speakers, teachers, trainers and coaches who focus on SUCCESS.

I want to GIVE YOU 5 world-class trainings from that program. By the way, if you wanted the Success NOW! program you had to pay $197... so this is an additional bonus just for you FREE!

Just look at what you are going to get:

Dr. Alex Loyd
"The Single Most Revolutionary Success Process in the World."

Here's what you'll discover in this presentation...

  • The #1 Success Process that works EVERY time.

  • Why this process works so effectively for everyone who uses it

  • What critical element is missing from your success plan and how you can add it

  • I'll walk you through this success process from A-Z.

Linda Brewer
"Relationships: Entanglement vs Empowerment"

Here's what you'll discover in this presentation...

  • Discover the beliefs that create entangled relationships

  • How to create choices and awareness to empower relationships

  • How to honor others and yourself in all relationships

  • The diverse benefits you enjoy through empowered relationships

Jack M. Zufelt
"The Success Attitude Formula"

Here's what you'll discover in this presentation...

  • How to unlock and open the door of opportunity

  • What frame of mind you need to have that allows you to accomplish whatever you want

  • What ZONE you must move into if you want more out of your life

  • The FOUR components you must have to make up the Success Attitude Formula

  • The power within you that causes you to take the proper steps to achieve success

  • What you need to have when you encounter obstacles on the road to success and achievement

  • The importance of "problem solving" in achieving success

Barbara Wheeler
"How to Eliminate Your Money Mind Viruses!

Here's what you'll discover in this presentation...

  • Learn how to get rid of money mind viruses

  • Identify what your financial beliefs about money are

  • Identify what's in the way of you achieving true financial independence

  • How to use techniques to change the way you think about money, abundance and prosperity.

  • How to recognize the impact money beliefs are having on your life

  • Setting a framework for The Success Codes and establishing your Tru-Luv goals

Ken Johnston
"Foundation For Success"

Here's what you'll discover in this presentation...

  • Why so many success programs are not working for the vast majority and how you can change that.

  • Learn the "Three Keys" to a Successful Life

  • Learn what the REAL "Circle of Life" is

  • What ladder you are climbing and if it is the right or wrong ladder for you

  • How you measure everything and how it is impacting you

  • How to get what you Really Want NOW!

You'll get unlimited access to each of the speakers, the resources they provided in PDF form, as well as the ability to review the content over and over to stay motivated and headed in the right direction.

This bonus alone is worth the price of this package! But you get it FREE when you invest in The Success Codes today!

Can You Put A Price
On Dramatic, Everlasting
Success In Your Life?

As you can see, The Success Codes is unlike anything you've ever seen in the self-help, personal-development and success-training space.

While everyone else is giving you strategy, tactics and action-items... putting you in a position where you have to keep forcing through... trying and trying with great amounts of effort... exhausting yourself with the never-ending attrition of failure -- only to be told to keep trying, try harder and do better...

The Success Codes zones in on your "failure mechanisms" first.

As long as that's in your system, you'll always (without fail) self-sabotage. Your subconscious will always, always, always find the most clever, ingenious and justifiable ways to maintain status quo.

That's just how we're built.

With The Success Codes, not only are you getting the "key" to unlocking this problem... you're also getting a "map" to the problem itself. It's unfortunate, but this "failure mechanism" is deeply embedded into "who you are"...

And it's like a chameleon...  invisible to you unless you know how to spot it, where to look for it, what it looks like, feels like, smells like.

And when you're faced with it, it might even be disguised as a "strength" of yours. Your subconscious will fight you on it. It will defend it. It will tell you this "strength" is a crucial part of you. It's what makes you, you.

But The Success Codes will reveal the true identity of this "failure mechanism" and show you the exact steps to removing it from your life. Only when you've excised it from your life will you be able to move forward freely to pursue your goals.

(It is at this moment that nearly every single self-help, personal-development and success-training start to make sense and start working for you).

It will be unsettling, disruptive and even frightening. And...

It Will Be The Purest,
Rawest Truth You've
Ever Felt In Your Life

With that in mind...

What I want you to think about right now is how much you've already spent on self-help books, courses, programs, transformational seminars... add up all the money you've put into audio CDs, DVDs, magazines, workbooks... calculate (approximately) the total.

Would you say you've invested $2,000... $5,000... even up to $10,000 or more? I've had customers attend seminars twice a year for the past decade. That's easily $20,000 right there. I have customers with an entire basement library stacked to the ceiling with success literature... from Dale Carnegie... to Napoleon Hill... to Tony Robbins. Quite easily $30,000 in books, audio programs and video courses.

Now I don't bring this up to say it's been a waste of time, money and effort in acquiring this knowledge.

Think of it like a battery. You've stored your heart, mind and soul with all these tactics, strategies and blueprints for success...

But until you find, destroy and remove all traces of your "failure mechanisms"... all that "success programming" will be stuck behind a dam, waiting to be unleashed.

So what I want you to think on right now is... how much would puncturing that dam be worth to you? Taking a pick axe, a sledge hammer... or if you want, a laser-guided missile... and destroying that dam that's held you back all these years?

If you look at all the different parts of the program we've packaged together for you, you'll see The Success Codes can easily (and has) sold for $798 previously. In fact, we've transformed thousands of lives at that modest investment fee.

However -- for the past year or so, we've looked at our business model and reevaluated our mission, values and purpose. Realigned it.

We thought to ourselves, how many more can we help... during these times of economic crisis... if we could only get it into the hands of more people?

The answer became clear that for 2012 and beyond, starting now -- it is necessary to greatly reduce the investment of The Success Codes by an astounding 75% to a one-time enrollment of $798 $197 in our program.

We've even decided to extend our risk-free trial period from ninety to three-hundred and sixty-five days (That's one whole year!)... where you can ask for a full refund anytime, no questions asked.

Is A Lifetime Of Success,
Empowerment And Freedom
Worth $0.54 A Day?

At the severely reduced investment of $197 and three-hundred and sixty-five risk-free days to try everything out... it breaks down to a mere 54 a day.

In exchange, The Success Codes will help you source your "failure mechanisms" and give you the tools to "seek and destroy" them. The transformation will be like nothing you've ever experienced before.

Some of my customers have told me how unsettling the "sudden quiet" is. All that white noise of negativity tuning out.

And when that happens, you're totally, absolutely, completely 100% free. Free to pursue your goals, free to create and design your life, free to decide, be and succeed.

Furthermore, once you've installed The Success Codes into your mind, spirit and heart... you will always have this "anti-virus software" working for you. It's like a supercharged immune system for your soul.

My question to you then -- is that worth 54/day for an entire year?

To make it easy for you, I also offer a simple automatic two-payment system...

And, to make it 100%, absolutely risk-free for you, I give you...

My RISK-FREE 365-Day
"Fully Stop Sabotage And Start Succeeding"
Or 100% Money Back Guarantee

I know you're serious about finally breaking through -- smashing through your limits, barriers and the white noise. You're truly ready to accomplish everything you've ever wanted to in your life -- in wealth, in health, in relationships, in spirit. You wouldn't be reading this far otherwise.

The Success Codes will help you do exactly that.

How can I make such a bold guarantee? Because through 10 years of experience helping thousands of people around the world in all walks of life -- rich or poor, healthy or sick, the lonely, the heartbroken, the happily married -- whatever area in their life that was in want -- I've helped them by showing them the little-known techniques and methods of THE SUCCESS CODES.

It's quite simple... what I'm offering you today. Get instant access to The Success Codes in the next five minutes. Log into our private membership site, review the fast-start videos... and jump into the manual. Within 20 minutes, you will be putting The Success Codes to work in your life.

The exercises are plain, simple and easy. It will only take about 8-15 minutes a day. And it will start working the moment you start.

Now -- it's different for everyone, but here are the common experiences. In the first phase, you will begin to start "cracking". The shells, layers and walls that's held you back all your life, you'll see a way out. In phase two, you will break open, remove a large chunk of what used to weigh you down... phase three, you will be well on your journey to the goals you've always set, the wheels are turning, faster and faster... phase four... you will be completely transformed. You won't recognize yourself from a year ago. You have changed your underlying programming. Empowered, free to act, driven. 

At the end of the 365 days, if you can honestly say you're not "blown away" by how much you've transformed, how much more purposeful your life is, knowing exactly what you want and how to get it... and you can say this with dead certainty...

...Then give me the word and I'll refund every penny you invested in The Success Codes.

In fact, let me make it COMPLETELY risk-free for you. I want you to be 110% satisfied with The Success Codes. If you review the manual, videos and audio programs, and even if you make significant changes to your life... but still feel it's NOT worth the money you paid for it... ASK FOR A FULL REFUND... even if it's the last day of the 365-day guarantee. I will honor it, no questions asked.

Your Life Doesn't Have To Be This Way --
Imagine Success That Defies Gravity

I know you're frustrated, worn down and sick of trying. The lack of results... in spite of all the work you do on yourself.

You've listened to the tapes. You've attended the seminars. You've visualized, affirmed, journalled, meditate and even reviewed your goals every single morning with positive intent...

And yet... you're still nowhere close -- heck, not even an inch closer -- to where you want to be in life.

I feel your pain. Like the thousands I've personally helped...

They too, were in the same place you are right now... until they put The Success Codes to work in their lives.

Your life doesn't have to be this way.

When you apply the elegant and simple methods of The Success Codes to your life...

You will lift your foot off the brake pedal in your subconscious mind.

And there will be a revelation -- a moment of peace, a quiet space, a Zen calm where... You discover that tiny, (and oh so obvious) chink in your negative beliefs, barriers and limits...

You will zero in on it like a laser target and you will finally burst through.

You will become free. Truly, genuinely, passionately free. Everything that's ever held you back before will fall gently off and away, like a molting phoenix.

Your rebirth will be extraordinarily, exquisitely beautiful.

And from that point -- you will blast through the stratosphere, reach escape velocity... and defy gravity -- in your wealth, relationships, health, family, income, business...

And nothing will be able to pull you down again.

That's what I promise you with The Success Codes.

That's what thousands before you have experienced with The Success Codes.

That's what doctors -- like Dr. Ben Johnson... Dr. Tim Altair... and Dr. Bruce Lipton -- believe and endorse with The Success Codes.

You deserve everything your mind strives for, your heart desires, your soul longs for.

Put The Success Codes to work in your life today...

To Your Future Success,

Dr. Alex Loyd, PhD. N.D.

Founder & Creator of The Success Codes

P.S. You have a full 365 days to try everything. I guarantee you, if you don't see genuine transformation in your life by the end of that 12-month period, ask for a full refund. I'll return every cent, no questions asked.

P.P.S. Every self-help training and personal-development course you ever took is trapped inside you right now along with your "failure mechanisms". Remove your negative cellular memories... and everything else breaks free as well.

When this happens, you will see your new self doing incredible things. And you will find yourself asking, "Where have I been all this time?"