Why do some people achieve success and others hit roadblock after roadblock and never seem to make it?



Are you living life at the "Success Level"?


Research Has Uncovered the Link Between Success and Failure That Makes All Other Self-help Methods Obsolete!


In fact...

Achieving success is as simple as turning on a light switch!


Dr. Alex Loyd is the author of the #1 best-selling book, The Healing Code as well as creator and founder of The Healing Codes, the Success Codes and numerous other health and success oriented resources.

In research conducted by Dr. Alex Loyd he discovered there were three common components to almost every problem or every reason individuals don't succeed.

He labeled them: Failure Mechanisms.

Failure Mechanisms

1) Physiological Stress
2) Destructive Energy
3) Destructive Cellular Memory Stores

The number one component of failure is Physiological Stress.

Stress causes you to "stall out." Stress stalls!

When you are thinking about success in your life, you need to have that thing in fifth gear, tearing around those corners and plowing through whatever obstacles come your way.

Stress will absolutely keep you from doing that!

And, this is key: If you are involved in any "self-help program" that does not focus on removing stress from your life, there is NO WAY YOU ARE GOING TO BE SUCCESSFUL!

Here are 5 things stress does to you:

  • It makes you sick and tired. That's why Harvard, Stanford, Yale, the Mayo Clinic say that up to 95% of all illness and disease if from stress.

  • It dumbs you down. You end up losing your ability to creatively problem solve, think outside the box and do those things you need to do to be successful

  • It drains your energy. This is one of the main reasons you hear from so many people, "I'm just feeling tired all of the time." How can you be successful if you're exhausted all of the time?

  • It causes you to perceive everything from a negative perspective. Fear. Anger. Sadness. "I can't do that." "It's not going to work for me." "The economy is too bad." and on and on and on you go.

  • Causes you to fail. Whatever you are doing will most likely fail. You get to the point that failure is almost accepted as routine.

The second component of failure is Destructive Energy.

Albert Einstein was right in 1905 when he walked out to his chalkboard at Princeton University and wrote E=mc2

Everything has at its root energy. If you go to the hospital and get a CT or MRI, or any number of other similar tests, they are scanning for energy frequencies. 

A CT or MRI doesn't take an internal picture. They scan for energy frequencies. The picture they show you is based on the energy frequencies that are picked up. Why? Because they know that destructive energy is at the root of a tumor or cancer or diabetes or MS or anything else. 

Guess what? A destructive energy pattern is at the root of your failure, so that has to be eliminated just like the stress. It has to be eliminated if you’re going to become successful just like the tumor has to be cut out if you’re going to be cancer free. 

Step number one to quit being stalled in your success is you’ve got to eliminate the stress. Number two, you have to eliminate the energy problem that has been at the root of your failure or lack of success, and it’s at the root of what is causing the stress.

The third component of failure is Destructive Cellular Memory Stores.

King Solomon said, “Guard your heart above everything else for from it flows all the issues of life.” Solomon is saying that just about any problem you could have in your life comes from the spiritual “I love you with all my heart” heart. 

Fast forward 3000 years and our best medical schools, Southwestern University Medical Center in Dallas, Texas, Dr. Bruce Lipton from Stanford, Dr. John Sarno from NYU and Harvard and the list goes on and on, have done independent research indicating that the thing that is the success mechanism, the thing that determines whether we’re successful or not, whether we’re healthy or sick is called cellular memory.

If you read the fine print of what Solomon said and what our medical schools are calling cellular memory, they’re talking about the same thing.

people are actively thinking Royalty Free Stock Vector Art IllustrationFinally modern medicine has confirmed ancient wisdom about what is the absolute lynch-pin key component of success or failure in your life. To put it very briefly it’s your underlying programming. It is your memories that have fear or anger or sadness or love, joy and peace and “I can do anything I set my mind to.”

But that programming, just like the programming on your computer, will not be repaired by talking at it. It has to be fixed. It has to be mechanically changed.

Those destructive frequencies have to be eliminated and positive memories, which you already have but we’re going to help you infuse some new ones, will guide you automatically to the success you want.

Most success programs don’t deal with one of these three components.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen one that deals with two. Certainly if there are any that deal with three I sure haven’t seen them.

You’re not going to achieve the success you want unless you deal with all three.

A Solution to the "Failure Mechanisms" Created

Fortunately a "success technology" has been developed, that when applied, removes each of those "failure mechanisms" as easily as turning on a light switch!

Hi, I'm Dr. Alex Loyd, PhD and ND, creator of The Success Codes.

You may recognize me from TV where I have been featured live on ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, TBN, and FOX news programs. Or you may have read about me in People, Time or USA Today... where I was introduced as a doctor who is an expert in healing the underlying root causes of success and failure.

That is what The Success Codes does... when you put The Success Codes into practice and heal the "failure mechanisms" in your life, you will become successful. It's just what happens!

The Success Codes is unprecedented. There is nothing like it.  When it is put into action consistently the way we tell you to do it we’ve never seen it fail one time.

Recently I read a review article by Bill Moyers, a highly respected writer from the UK, who was reviewing the self-help, self-development world.

He reviewed everything from the classics like The Power of Positive Thinking to Seven Habits, the iconic name recognition self-help authors of today to the gigantic seminars with thousands and thousands of people jumping up and down like a high school pep rally.

Moyers’ conclusion – They don’t work.

I totally agree.  They don't work.  That’s why I had to create The Success Codes.

The prevailing "blueprint for success" goes something like this: 1) Decide and focus on what you want. 2) Develop a plan to get what you want. 3) With your willpower put the plan into action until you get what you want.

That is not a "blueprint for success" that my friend, is a BLUEPRINT FOR FAILURE!

In fact... Dr. Dan Gilbert, a doctor from Harvard, did ground breaking research in this area on the campus at Harvard. He released the research and wrote a best-selling book about it – Stumbling Into Happiness.

The conclusion of Dr. Gilbert’s research at Harvard was, and I quote, “Expectations are a happiness killer.” If you read the entire research that Dr. Gilbert did, what the research is actually shows is that external expectations of an end result create failure in your life in virtually every way imaginable.  Why?

Because the instant you have as the number one goal of your life an external circumstance, an external expectation, it instantly puts you into a chronic state of stress until you either get or don’t get the external thing that you want.

I hope you are starting to have some lights come on now.

Virtually every success program I’ve ever seen, from The Law of Attraction, to Positive Thinking, to The Seven Habits, to “name it and claim it,” to affirmations, etc, etc, tells you not only to focus on the end result, the external circumstance, the expectation that you want in your life, but even more to wallow in it, to marinate on it constantly. 

Say 100 times a day: “The ten million dollars is already on the way to me.”  “My tumor is already healing.” “My big breakthrough is about to happen” etc., etc.

The Success Codes is not one of those programs! It is a tested program. It is a personal development program that is both wide and deep in its scope and personal application FOR YOU!

Here it is in a "nut shell."

In order to truly be successful you have to accomplish three things:

Steps to Success

1) You Have to Deprogram
2) You Have to Re-Program
3) Consciously Overlay a Blueprint for Success in Your Life

Virtually everyone I’ve ever met has failure programming. This failure programming works almost exactly like a computer virus. In fact I call it a “human hard drive virus.”

As long as you have that programming you will never be able to succeed, at least not to the degree that you’re capable of, and certainly not to the degree that you desire.

The problem, according to the actual research conducted by Dr. Bruce Lipton from Stanford University Medical School, and Dr. John Sarno, MD, PhD, from NYU and Harvard, is that these human hard drive viruses are almost always in your un- or subconscious mind.

So what’s different about
The Success Codes?

We have a physical mechanism that deprograms your failure viruses. This has nothing to do with positive thinking or will power. It is an actual physical mechanism that has been tested and featured live on ABC, NBC, Fox, CBS, and PBS news programs. These are not commercials or infomercials, live news programs.

We have a mechanism to literally create a new program inside you that puts you on autopilot for success. This takes about 40 days to program in the average person. Yes, it is another physical mechanism. It’s not will power, not affirmations. Once you have the success program fully downloaded, in my experience it is difficult to not be successful.

We teach you a conscious blueprint to overlay onto any decision, any relationship, any role of your life, as well as every success goal you could ever think of. This process ensures that the goal is in harmony with the spiritual laws of nature, not in opposition, and one where you will give up the end result expectations and external circumstances.

Will power doesn’t work anyway. When you give that up the stress goes away. Just as having a goal that is based on expectations immediately puts you into chronic stress, giving up the external expectations takes the stress away.>

That means you are instantly healthier, happier, have abundant energy, are smartened up, coming at everything you do from a positive perspective, and succeeding quite possibly where you have always failed before. 

The Success Codes is totally different from the three-step "blueprint for failure" which has been the standard in the success industry for the last 60 years.

Here's Exactly What You'll Get In The Success Codes 2.0 Program

Inside The Success Code Program you'll get...

  • The Success Codes 2.0 (COMPLETELY REVISED) Digital Manual (Value $199) - The step-by-step, easy-to-follow guide showing you the 12-step process of sourcing, identifying, removing and destroying your negative cellular memories... So you can be free to pursue the goals you really want in life -- the passions that call to you.

  • The Success Codes Digital Journal (Value $79) - A quick and simple way to help you keep track of your progress as you remove negative beliefs, limits and barriers one by one... and transform your life from the inside out.

  • The Portable Success Codes  (Value $39) - A handy reminder for you to carry around with you -- so you can put the power of the Success Codes to work wherever you are, in whatever stressful situation you’re in.

  • Internet Access to The Success Codes Videos (THESE 8 VIDEOS ARE BRAND NEW)  (Value $35) - If you’d like to jump into the methods in the Success Codes as fast as humanely possible... these 8 exclusive videos will give you a mini “crash-course”. With video... you’ll also be able to see me demonstrate the success codes right before your eyes, instead of following diagrams in a manual.

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And, to make it 100%, absolutely risk-free for you, I give you...

My RISK-FREE 365-Day
100% Money Back Guarantee

I know you’re serious about finally breaking through -- smashing through your limits, barriers and the white noise. You’re truly ready to accomplish everything you’ve ever wanted to in your life -- in wealth, in health, in relationships, in spirit. You wouldn’t be reading this far otherwise.

The Success Codes will help you do exactly that..

How can I make such a bold guarantee? Because through 10 years of experience helping thousands of people around the world in all walks of life -- rich or poor, healthy or sick, the lonely, the heartbroken, the happily married -- whatever area in their life that was in want -- I’ve helped them by showing them the little-known techniques and methods of THE SUCCESS CODES.

It’s quite simple... what I’m offering you today. Get instant access to The Success Codes in the next five minutes. Log into our private membership site, review the videos... and jump into the manual. Within 20 minutes, you will be putting The Success Codes to work in your life.

The exercises are plain, simple and easy. It will only take about 8-15 minutes a day. And it will start working the moment you start.

Now -- it’s different for everyone, but here are the common experiences. In the first phase, you will begin to start “cracking”. The shells, layers and walls that’s held you back all your life, you’ll see a way out. In phase two, you will break open, remove a large chunk of what used to weigh you down... phase three, you will be well on your journey to the goals you’ve always set, the wheels are turning, faster and faster... phase four... you will be completely transformed. You won’t recognize yourself from a year ago. You have changed your underlying programming. Empowered, free to act, driven. 

At the end of the 365 days, if you can honestly say you’re not “blown away” by how much you’ve transformed, how much more purposeful your life is, knowing exactly what you want and how to get it... and you can say this with dead certainty...

...Then give me the word and I'll refund every penny you invested in The Success Codes.

In fact, let me make it COMPLETELY risk-free for you.

I want you to be 110% satisfied with The Success Codes. If you review the manual, videos and audio programs, and even if you make significant changes to your life... but still feel it's NOT worth the money you paid for it... ASK FOR A FULL REFUND... even if it's the last day of the 365-day guarantee. I will honor it, no questions asked.

Imagine Achieving Success on Your Terms!

I know you’re frustrated, worn down and sick of trying. The lack of results... in spite of all the work you do on yourself.

You’ve listened to the tapes. You’ve attended the seminars. You’ve visualized, affirmed, journalled, meditated and even reviewed your goals every single morning with positive intent...

And yet... you’re still nowhere close -- heck, not even an inch closer -- to where you want to be in life.

Here is the story of just one of the thousands I've personally helped...

A Contractor's Success Codes Story

A contractor who came to me wanting help said, “I’ve had a goal for the last ten years of making a million dollars in one year.  Not a million to the company, gross, a million in my pocket, net.” He said, “I’m a type A personality. I push and push and push. I probably work 90 hours a week. I push my employees hard. I cut corners. I still have never been able to make over half a million in a year.  That’s the closest I’ve gotten.”

I got to know him a little bit, talked to a few of his employees, talked to his wife and family, investigated it a little. What I found is that he was right, he was type A, he did work 90 hours a week, he did push himself and everybody.

He did cut corners but more than that he was a pretty miserable fellow, very unhappy, unhealthy lifestyle. I told him “I’ll help you, but you’ve got to do what I ask you to do. That’s the only way I’ll work with you. Some of it is going to be so radically different from what you’ve been doing, I’m not sure you’ll be willing. That’s the only way I’ll do it.”

He said, “Okay, tell me, what do we need to do?” I helped him integrate The Success Codes process in his life; deprogram, reprogram and overlay the conscious blueprint for success in his life.

To make a long story short, he changed. He called me about a year and a half later.  “Hey, Doc, I don’t know if you remember me. I wanted to report back. I did exactly what you said. I didn’t reach my goal of making a million dollars in a year.  I made over a million and a half and am on track this year to make more than that. I still don’t have a clue how it happened. It’s the easiest year I’ve had in my life, going way back to probably junior high school. I worked harder than this in high school. I have a waiting list for clients.

My reputation around town has skyrocketed. My clients love me. My family loves me. I’m healthy. I’m happy. I cannot imagine any other way than the way I’m living now. You were right. When I deprogrammed, reprogrammed and started living my life based on the spiritual and internal instead of the external and all about me, it’s like I could breathe deep and the stress went away and success just happened. No matter what I do I keep becoming more and more successful.”

I could tell a number of other stories. They too, were in the same place you are right now... until they put The Success Codes to work in their lives.

Your life doesn’t have to be this way.

When you apply the fool-proof and simple methods of The Success Codes to your life...

You will lift your foot off the brake pedal in your subconscious mind.

And there will be a revelation -- a moment of peace, a quiet space, a Zen calm where... You discover that tiny, (and oh so obvious) chink in your negative beliefs, barriers and limits...

You will zero in on it like a laser target and you will finally burst through.

You will become free. Truly, genuinely, passionately free. Everything that’s ever held you back before will vanish!

And from that point -- nothing will be able to pull you down again.

That’s what thousands before you have experienced with The Success Codes.

You deserve everything your mind strives for, your heart desires, your soul longs for.

Put The Success Codes to work in your life today...

To Your Future Success,

Dr. Alex Loyd, PhD. N.D.

Founder & Creator of The Success Codes

P.S. You have a full 365 days to try everything. I guarantee you, if you don’t see genuine transformation in your life by the end of that 12-month period, ask for a full refund. I’ll return every cent, no questions asked.

P.P.S. Remove those "failure mechanisms," your negative cellular memories... and everything else holding you back TODAY!

When this happens, you will see your new self doing incredible things. And you will find yourself asking, “Where have I been all this time?”

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